Kayu Nakada/Tim Olive Kanpuu

A new release on 845 Audio.

This is the second Nakada/Olive duo release, following the 2021 “Entenka” on Tsss Tapes. This CD, the twentieth release on 845 Audio, is drawn from a December 2021 recording session in Kobe, Japan. Osaka electrician and sound-maker/circuit-breaker Kayu Nakada patiently called to life the exposed circuit boards of a half-dozen semi-defunct Roland, Yamaha and Zoom rhythm machines. Tim Olive used magnetic pickups, several radio bands and the sounds of a neighborhood sports event. The original recordings were edited/overlaid/arranged and mixed by Olive. 

Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly: 
We are dealing here with quite a bit of noisy music. Cracking electronics, radio transmissions going wild and distortion and feedback are never far away. But the two also know how to exercise control, change the mood and bring down the noise. They open up for details, otherwise lost in the mayhem of noise, and there is this beautiful introspective sound world. I am reminded here of Möslang/Guhl and their cracked everyday electronics, but the duo of Olive and Nakada exert more control, dynamics and variation. Great release!

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