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190823_1841_001 Christián Alvear + Tim Olive
telquan (845 Audio, 2019)
Reviews: Vital Weekly
Charm Point Elizabeth Millar + Tim Olive + Craig Pedersen
Charm Point (845 Audio, 2019)
Reviews: Moment’s NoticeVital Weekly
boro cover Doreen Girard + Tim Olive
Boro (845 Audio, 2019)
Reviews: Sound ProjectorMusicworksVital Weekly, Idwal Fisher
faune cover Tim Olive + Martin Tétreault
Faune (845 Audio, 2019)
Reviews: Sound ProjectorMusicworksVital Weekly, Idwal Fisher
b of d Tim Olive + Yan Jun
Brother of Divinity (845 Audio, 2019)
Reviews: Sound ProjectorJust Outside, Dusted, Vital Weekly, Idwal Fisher
lowering Cal Lyall+ Tim Olive
Lowering (845 Audio, 2019)
Reviews: Sound ProjectorSquid’s EarJust Outside, Dusted, Vital WeeklyToneshift, Idwal Fisher
quince Takuji Naka+ Tim Olive
Quince (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2018)
Reviews: Vital Weekly, The Sound Projector
false mercury Pascal Battus + Anne-F Jacques + Tim Olive
Trois Conseillers (Caduc, 2018)
Reviews: The Alcohol Seed, Free Jazz Collective, The Sound Projector
false-mercury Frans de Waard + Takuji Naka + Tim Olive
False Mercury (845 Audio, 2018)
Reviews: Toneshift, Vital Weekly, Idwal Fisher, We Need No Swords, The Sound Projector
zanshi Samuel Dunscombe + Tim Olive
Zanshi (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2017)
Reviews: Blog to Comm, Vital Weekly, The Sound Projector
naar voor Jin Sangtae + Tim Olive
naar/voor (845 Audio, 2017)
Review: Vital Weekly, Idwal Fisher, The Sound Projector, Squid’s Ear
intonema digisleeve Ann-F Jacques + Tim Olive
Tooth Car (Intonema, 2016)
Reviews: Vital Weekly, Music Works, Just Outside, Idwal Fisher
63-66 Tim Olive + Ben Owen
63-66 (845 Audio, 2016)
Reviews: Dusted, The Sound Projector
TheNewAttractive Takuji Naka + Tim Olive
The New Attractive (EM Records, 2015)
Reviews: Brainwashed, The Sound Projector
airs Kawaguchi + Olive + Oshiro
Airs (845 Audio, 2014)
no flag Tim Olive + Nick Hoffman
No Flag (Copy For Your Records, 2014)
Dominion Mills Anne-F Jacques + Tim Olive
Dominion Mills (845 Audio, 2014)
Two Sunrise  Jason Kahn + Tim Olive
Two Sunrise (845 Audio, 2014)
various histories1 Katsura Mouri + Tim Olive
Various Histories (845 Audio, 2013)
Tim Olive + Alfredo Costa Monteiro
33 bays (845 Audio, 2012)
Kikuchi Yukinori + Tim Olive
Difference and Repetition (TestToneMusic, 2010)
Tim Olive
The Specialist (EM Records, 2009)
Tim Olive/Francisco Meirino
Eagle Keys (Even Stilte, 2006)
Tim Olive/Bunsho Nishikawa
Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used (EM Records, 2006)
Tim Olive/Fritz Welch
Sun Reverse The Footpedal (Evolving Ear, 2004)
Tim Olive/Jeffrey Allport (Infrequency, 2002)
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