Chocolate Radio Band (The Golden Sceptre)

A new solo release on Chocolate Monk. Radios and spring reverb.
Available here and here.
From the label: 
Further audio evidence, if any was needed, that Mr Olive has the full skill set when it comes to mishandling sound. Out in his hovel in Kobe, Japan he worked with hours of mono radio signals which he recorded through a simple chain of eq, spring reverb and preamp before he chopped, combined, layered, arranged, scrambled, juxtaposed & quilted to just the right degree so as to turn the inside of most listeners skulls to brain tepenade. Warm and cozy! 
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly:
On ‘Chocolate Radio Band (The Golden Sceptre)’, Olive continues to delve into the world of transmissions. The signals are fed through equalisation and a spring reverb before landing on tape/computer. Olive stacks these recordings together and finds a dialogue in these sounds. There are drones, broken transmissions, voices, scrambled and distorted. Olive allows for some repetition here and there, which is not something I often heard in his previous work. Olive is a master when it comes to offering variation and dialogue. Unlike, say, John Cage, there is no randomness involved here. Olive picks his sounds for a reason and works them into four thoughtful pieces of music.

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