New Release: Ribbon

My newest solo cassette/DL, originally released on Notice Recordings (NY) in October 2021, recorded in Kobe in January and February 2021. 

Instrumentation: metal strips, rubber tubing, tuning forks, clockwork motors, metal teeth, bow, electromagnets, cassette playback head, magnetic pickups, octave divider, preamps


Frans de Waard from Vital Weekly writes:

 In good musique concrète, layers are edited and mixed to make a more or less coherent whole. What I find interesting is that Olive maintains an improvised music sensibility. Not in a chaotic way, but not editing too precisely, while at the same time taking care that sounds don’t overstay their welcome. Using amplification allows for a particular distortion in his music, but that too is worked on with the highest effort, not to create a noise record, but to allow the noise to be an equal partner in the music. At times this sounds like a classical noise record, early New Blockaders in ‘Ribbon 2’, and then again, something introspective and ‘quiet’, culminating in the excellent drone ending of ‘Ribbon 4’. At thirty minutes, perhaps short, but all the same, quite powerful as well.

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