Spot of the Foul (total mass retain)

A new solo CD/DL on 845 Audio.

Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly writes:
“In the five pieces here, Olive shows that he’s quite good at using the most abstract sounds, scratching real surfaces as it were, and finding a dialogue, abstract as it may is, between these sounds. Although much of his work deals with improvised music, I would think that this more in the world of electro-acoustic music or musique concrète, but from a slightly more noisy perspective, which, for instance, in the second track leads to some powerful drone music, but just as well to concentrated scraping of surfaces and more mellow drones. A touch of industrial music, one could say, is also never far away for Olive. In these pieces, Olive has some excellent variation on his music, the whole dynamic of loud versus quiet, dense versus sparse and acoustic versus electric. Listening to this, I have no idea why Olive doesn’t do more of this solo work. Unless, of course, he finds a different dialogue, one between musicians, of more interest and this is rather his forced work due to circumstances beyond his control. Whatever the case, this is a great job.”

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