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Over the course of the thirteen tracks, Olive patiently explores the sonic possibilities of his set up.  He moves from quiet vibrations to cacophonous clangs of metal on metal.  His approach reveals the details of the sound without the emotional grandstanding that often accompanies such explorations by some of his noisier peers.  The result is an organic collection of sounds, exploratory and revelatory in its subtle accumulation of detail.
(Chris Kennedy, Music Works)

A short but intense record of all-out sonic experimentation…His research is serious, in depth, and produces crude yet complex sounds that are not brutal at all. This is the strongest album I have heard from Olive yet. Impressive.
(Francois Couture, Monsieur Delire)

Tim Olive seems to be a talented musician with a musical style he has come to over a period of time that brings in many of the expected traits of an improvising electric guitarist but then moulds them into his own voice. Fans of that gritty, misfiring electronic sound so popular amongst younger North American improvisers will enjoy it quite a bit I suspect.
(Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear)

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