Supernatural Hot Rug and Not Used Reviews


Using homemade tools to coax noises from repurposed instruments, they produce a thoughtful racket full of scrapes, clangs, blips and cartoonish boings.  That last element is key, as without the wry humour, the album’s reductionist style could sound dry.  Instead, Olive and Bunsho’s cacophony often suggests Raymond Scott as an improviser.
(Marc Masters, The Wire)

Hard to believe that this range of extremely unusual and unfamiliar sounds is being made simply with one electric guitar and one electric bass.  Truly experimental, these musical conversations defy common sense; the duo keeps on exploring all the time.
(Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector)

This disc rages with eight nasty improvised interventions in just under forty minutes; it’s a terse, inventive statement brimming with energy and imagination.  There are no lines, no grooves, nothing of the sort.  These fellows play machines, sound generators pure and simple.  A fascinating, unexpected pleasure of twisted noise resounding from the slag heap.
(Jason Bivins, Signal to Noise)

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